Motorbike Battery Charging Tips

Exide 12/7 Charger

Suitable for all motorbike battery types including AGM & GEL


The Exide 12/7 charger can be used as both a battery charger and a power supply with a 13.7 V output (13.7 V Supply). In the charge mode, the charger will first charge the battery, and then maintain it fully charged as long as it is connected. The charger, which features a temperature compensator, provides optimum charging for lead-acid batteries, whatever their type, size, within a range of 1-150 Ah, and temperature. In the “13.7 V Supply” mode, the charger acts as a power supply, and gives a continual power supply of max 7 A at 13.7 V.


Batteries should be charged off-vehicle if the voltage drops below 12.45 volts (or 6.2 volts for 6V batteries)


Use the specially-developed Exide motorcycle charger for best results


Avoid fire or flare and ensure good ventilation during and after charging


Allow the battery to rest for at least 12 hours after charging

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